Compilation of Tricks

23 11 2009

Here is the latest video I have put together of Dory’s tricks.  Enjoy.


More Tricks – Standing in a Bowl

26 06 2009

Here is Dory’s latest and greatest… getting all four feet in a small area.

More tricks

9 06 2009

Dory is doing great!  She is super smart and playful.  Here is a video of her tricks (not included in the video: fetching a ball and bringing it back).

New member of the family

28 05 2009

Last Thursday I got my first dog, a Pyrenean Shepherd.  She is wonderful, cute, and totally smart.  Here is a picture, and a video of tricks she has learned in the last week.  

Chad and DoryHer name is Dory, and her registered name in AKC is “Just Keep Swimming de La Brise”. Clickers are amazing for training by the way.