Compilation of Tricks

23 11 2009

Here is the latest video I have put together of Dory’s tricks.  Enjoy.


More Tricks – Standing in a Bowl

26 06 2009

Here is Dory’s latest and greatest… getting all four feet in a small area.

A new inspiration…

22 09 2008

Growing up with dogs made for an interesting and fun childhood.  Our family got its first dog when I was around 5.  Shortly there after my mom got involved in showing and breeding different dogs.  The most dogs we had at any given time was prolly around 11 likely including some puppies.  Currently my mom has 6 dogs, which is still a lot, but slightly less than our average for the past 15 years which I would say was 8.

At times having this many dogs seemed like too many, and overwhelmed my sister greatly.  They definitely created a house environment that was more chaotic and dirty (dog hair mostly) than most.

Since going away to college I have missed having dogs around.  Walking around I find that I ask more and more people if I can say hello to their dog(s).  I have always been really good about reading what a dog is thinking by its body language, likely from growing up around them. One of my favorite encounters with a stranger’s dog was when I went to the Wal-Mart over by Fry’s on the 15.  Wal-Mart was conveniently located next to a Petco, and I saw a cute 5-month-old komador puppy exiting the store.  I approached the owner, asked for permission, and received the response “You are welcome to, but she usually doesn’t like men”.  I didn’t see much reservation in the dog, but I knelt down and started petting and playing with the puppy.  I received a couple comments like “Wow, she really seems to like you” and “This is really amazing, she never says hello to men, let alone seems to like them” from the owner, which made me smile and bolstered my confidence.  After only about 30 seconds to 1 minute of visiting with the owner and her dog we parted ways.

Recently I ran across this website and my desire to have a dog has grown even more.  This woman is quite possibly the greatest dog trainer I have ever seen.  She has won nearly every agility competition multiple times, and reading articles on her website has created a great longing for a canine companion in my life.  If you do nothing else, check out the video below.  If you are interested further, visit her website, click “Videos” on the left, and watch some other trick videos (I would recommend “Two Legged Tricks”), you will be amazed by some of the things she has trained her dogs to do.