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Author: Chad Abshier

I am currently living in San Diego, CA with my lovely wife Emily.  We are renting a granny flat in Escondido and have a lovely dog named Dory and a cat named Fraction.  We both are mathematicians from Point Loma Nazarene University.

I attend the Rock Church and find Pastor Miles very knowledgeable of the Christian faith.  Emily and I volunteer at Pebbles Pathway and teach the 4 year olds Bible stories every Sunday.  I think that God needs to be the center of our country as He was when our country was founded, and am thinking more and more that the separation of church and state will be used by the devil to ruin this country.

I work with computers, but think that my future lies with canines, because being apart from dogs for college and the years after, I have come to learn that dogs are very important to me. I am very excited and nervous of what God has in store for me and Emily as our lives progress.

Some of my favorite things in life are: water, dogs, DDR, Settlers of Catan, frisbee, pie, dogs, math, computers, video games, Mexican food, watching football, LOST, board games, Asian pears, Halo, crosswords, holidays, movies, and napping.

– – A prayer for my family – –

Lord –

Thank you for everything you have given to Emily and me.  Our lives, jobs, friends, families, and our love for each other.  Thank you for the grace and love you extended to us through your son Jesus Christ.  Please help us to make good use of our time here on Earth, and please continue to bless Emily and me as we pursue various aspects of our lives.  Continue to protect us Lord from the sin of the world.



2 responses

23 09 2008

I love the prayer, thank you Chad.

2 10 2008

A fellow “Rock”er!

Chad, you are a FAITH DEFENDER! I love your godly wisdom and knowledge as you deal with those who lack faith and understanding.

I’m adding you to my blogroll and please do keep up the “fight!” You are doing a great job!

God bless you and your wife Emily!

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