Fall 2009 Update

18 11 2009

Hello All,

I haven’t been much into blogging lately, but things are going well none-the-less.  Emily and I are still in Escondido, living in our little granny flat.  The O’Leary’s came back in August, and moved back into the main house, and I was nervous that I would not like having them back (since we had the place to ourselves the entire summer).  But things worked out rather nicely.  Their two 5-year-old girls like us quite a bit and come over to our house often to hang out with us and Dory and Fraction.

I am still working at Palomar Community College, which honestly is getting old.  The hours are the worst part of the job, because it means that Emily and I see little of each other during the week.  The job itself is okay, it pays well, and thank the Lord for blessing me with a stable job for the last 2.5 years, but it is starting to wear me down.  I am rather good with computers and can solve most any problem that arises, but in a computer lab unique problems don’t show up too often.  Most of the time I am simply helping people print and format their essays correctly.  So, even though I have a stable job here, and could quite possibly stay here for many more years (maybe… there will likely be cuts this coming year in which case I would be one of the first to go, and definitely the first from our department), I have decided that God has called us to move.  I have told my boss that I will be working till the end of June, at which time Emily and I will be moving north.  Knowing that there is a definitive end date to this job of mine, God has granted me with some peace.  I am so excited for this summer knowing that we will be moving closer to family.

Emily is working at Orange Glen High School again.  She is teaching Geometry this year which she is enjoying.  And she has expanded her after-school DDR (that’s Dance Dance Revolution to the uninformed readers of this blog) club to include Guitar Hero as well.  She is also a faculty adviser for the “Dance Crew” that meets in her classroom a couple times a week.  She oversees where and when they will meet, and settles minor disputes between the student leader and the other student participants.

Dory and Fraction are doing very well also.  Dory and I go for a walk nearly every morning in the park that is right out our backyard.  We meet up with other people (and their dogs) in the park at 7:30am where Dory picks and pokes at every dog there till they are all chasing her.  She is learning more and more tricks, her latest being pole dancing (it is pretty cute), which reminds me, I need to get another video up soon.

Well, that’s all for today, I will try to be more diligent in the future about keeping up to date on this blog.  Check back soon 🙂



One response

23 11 2009

Moving soon!?!?! I’m very glad to hear that. It’s good to know you guys are doing well.

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