The other part of the news

3 12 2008

Recently I have picked up listening to conservative talk radio.  I enjoy the side of the story that Rush Limbaugh is not afraid to portray.  Too many tv stations, news programs, etc. today are so biased it isn’t even fair.  I have to go looking for the conservative point of view, while wading through multiple versions of the liberal one. Take a look at this post about how the “Big 3” (CBS, ABC, and NBC) ran 18 negative stories about Sarah Palin compared to only 1 positive story.

Also, comments I hear from people on and off the internet claiming that Foxnews “isn’t news at all” are just annoying and untrue.  The fact that Foxnews actually portrays both liberal and conservative views, instead of just following the mainstream media, is proof that it IS actually news.  The “news” should report any story that is deemed of interest, not just the ones approved by extremists or the ones that support a particular candidate.