People are ALL born evil

17 11 2008

Get a load of this video, it opens up your eyes as to why we need to submit to Jesus Christ. The fact that we all could have been as Hitler is … scary.

I have never really thought that a little child could be seen as sinful, because you always see children in the light of their innocence.  But that innocence is their intellectual innocence, their souls are foundationally evil.  The part of the video about the 18 month old child grabbing for the wrist watch is both very scary and quite enlightening at the same time. Thanks to Neil at Eternity Matters for the video link.

The beat-box music in the video is a little distracting, but you should watch the video none the less.




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17 11 2008

Disturbing, to say the least. We are capable of amazingly aweful things if left with no restraint.

Thanks for the thoughts.

17 11 2008

I didn’t watch the entire video.

Although I would be willing to “bet” that the “Prophet” did not mention that we are not responsible for our thoughts. Rather we are responsible with what we do or do not do with those thoughts.

The Father, Himself, knew we would have depraved thoughts. Why else do you think it is Written “Take every thought captive.”

Also I read somewhere in a very Good Book about false Prophets.

17 11 2008
Roger Servin

Good video. Sad to say that even Christians more than ever need to listen and take heed to these truths! Thanks for sharing.

R.A. Servin

17 11 2008

My wife and I were just talking about her job as an elementary school librarian and formerly as a school teacher, and how so many teachers / administrators blame environment for all of the kids’ misbehavior. While bad parenting is an element, they completely ignore original sin.

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