You can dress up as the devil, but not Jesus

3 11 2008

Pick whatever costume you want, and have a fun time on Halloween… that is unless you choose to dress up as Jesus.  This 8th grader was sent home for dressing up as Jesus on Halloween.  What a clever chess game the devil is playing, making a Jesus costume “inappropriate”.




3 responses

3 11 2008

That is always amazing how nervous people get with any discussion of Jesus – even a little kid dressed up as him! If you talk generically about a pluralistic “God” then people don’t get too offended. But mention Jesus and they know you are serious.

3 11 2008
Pasadena Closet Conservative

I bet there were plenty of little darlings dressed up as the devil. No problem, right?!

5 11 2008

Perhaps we should teach our children that we don’t participate in pagan holidays such as All Hallows Eve (All Saint’s Eve or Halloween) and that we do celebrate Christian ones like All Saints Day?

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