People are ALL born evil

17 11 2008

Get a load of this video, it opens up your eyes as to why we need to submit to Jesus Christ. The fact that we all could have been as Hitler is … scary.

I have never really thought that a little child could be seen as sinful, because you always see children in the light of their innocence.  But that innocence is their intellectual innocence, their souls are foundationally evil.  The part of the video about the 18 month old child grabbing for the wrist watch is both very scary and quite enlightening at the same time. Thanks to Neil at Eternity Matters for the video link.

The beat-box music in the video is a little distracting, but you should watch the video none the less.


Did you know about Prop K?

5 11 2008

Well, the election is over, Obama is the President Elect and Prop 8 has passed.  While I do not agree with Obama’s positions on many issues, I am very pleased that Californian’s stood up for morals, children, and rational thought on Prop 8.

If you ask any person walking down the street “What modern city most closely resembles Sodom and Gomorrah?”  What do you think the most common answer would be?  My money would be on San Francisco, which is why I am somewhat surprised that Prop K (a local San Fran proposition) did not pass.  It came close, 43% of Bay Area voters actually thought that it should pass.

Pathetic, soon they will be marching saying "Pedophile rights = human rights"

What is Prop K… well it would have made prostitution legal of course.

That’s right, the Bay Area was 7 percentage points away from protecting prostitutes, hookers and pimps from the police, and making prostitution a valid career choice.  Shocked?  Me too.  I am just glad that they had the common sense (well only 57% of them) to vote against this.

“Sexworkers rights = Human rights”, pathetic.  Soon they will be marching holding signs that say “Druglord rights = human rights” or “Pedophile rights = human rights”.  People, not everything is a right!  You do not have “the right” to go shoot somebody… even if you really really want to.

You can read about Prop K here:

and here:

You can dress up as the devil, but not Jesus

3 11 2008

Pick whatever costume you want, and have a fun time on Halloween… that is unless you choose to dress up as Jesus.  This 8th grader was sent home for dressing up as Jesus on Halloween.  What a clever chess game the devil is playing, making a Jesus costume “inappropriate”.