A week away

27 10 2008

The election is a week away, and I would like to encourage people to vote for morals, values and ethics.  Take a look at the voters guide to see where the candidates stand on critical issues.

Voters Guide

Obama is one of the most pro-choice (let’s use more direct words… pro-murder, pro-infanticide), pro-homosexuality, pro-judicial-activism candidates ever.

I’ll keep my God, my freedom, my guns, and my money, you can keep “The Change”.  Vote for McCain!




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27 10 2008
27 10 2008

Dont be silly. A president can do nothing apart from the house of representatives and the sentate, supreme courts, states rights, and other mitigating factors in US goverment.

Its a gross mischaracterization to attribute abortion’s laws remaining in place because the country has only had 11 years under a demo president.

In contrast more than any other president, Obama the Great has the factors lined up that will be much more conducive to having his evil socialist agenda curried into law.
Unfortunately for this country.

27 10 2008

Hey Chad, I’m not trying to sway your vote or anything here, but I find it interesting that a Pro-Choice stance here is the same as a pro-murder stance and yet there is no mention of a pro-war stance which is essentially pro-murder as well. Ah, voting party lines. I’ve heard it said once that we should rename Pro-Life to be Pro-Birth. A provoking thought, in my mind at least.

27 10 2008


I’m gonna agree with mkhblink on this one:

Regardless of who gets elected, abortions will still happen. By the way, Obama isn’t “pro-infanticide” in any respect; if you read his reasons for voting the way he does on such issues, it’s because the language or wording of each act or proposition doesn’t leave room for exceptions, such as if a mother’s life is in danger, or a child is deemed “incompatible with life”, or the mother was raped, etc. Abortion is a much larger issue than “pro-choice” or “pro-life” and it discourages me that so many people think about it in such a black and white manner.

Second, nobody is going to make you worship a different God. Obama himself is a devout Christian (and don’t even try to argue about Jerimiah Wright on this issue). Not that it matters that he is. Regardless of a candidate’s religion, it has nothing to do with his ability to govern or his potential effectiveness as president.

Third, you should realize that under Obama’s policies, it is highly likely that you will end up paying far less in taxes than you have before, whereas with McCain’s policies you will be paying the same amount or more.

Furthermore, according to your “voters guide,” (which is so distorted that it can hardly be considered a credible source of information) Obama voted for a ban on assault weapons. Assuming you are a gun enthusiast, you should already be aware that it is illegal for a citizen to own assault weapons in California. Besides, why should any person need an assault weapon anyways?

Finally, the possibility that really frightens me about McCain winning this election, is that if something should happen to him (hopefully nothing would), Sarah Palin would become president. It worries me to a great degree.

Now, I’m not posting this to sing Obama’s praises; obviously he has his shortcomings, but it seems like your reasons for voting for McCain (or against Obama, as the case may be) do not stem from the rational thought of which I know you’re capable. I also don’t hope to change your mind about who you vote for, but I want to encourage you to consider logically what would happen under an Obama administration.

I do not mean this to offend, only to provoke thought. Politics aside, I miss you guys and I hope you are doing well.

28 10 2008

Yes, please vote McCain. The Supreme Court and Federal judges the President will appoint will impact the life issue greatly.

Consider his bizarre standards for judges: Instead of picking people who can interpret the law accurately and honestly, he wants this: “We need somebody who’s got the heart, the empathy, to recognize what it’s like to be a young teenage mom. The empathy to understand what it’s like to be poor, or African-American, or gay, or disabled, or old. And that’s the criteria by which I’m going to be selecting my judges.”

You don’t need a law degree to know that is not the job description for judges.

“if you read his reasons for voting the way he does on such issues, it’s because the language or wording of each act or proposition doesn’t leave room for exceptions, such as if a mother’s life is in danger”

That is not true. Pro-lifers always have exceptions for the life of the mother. Obama’s little trick is to saw he requires a “health” exception. Anyone familiar with the issue knows that it isn’t an exception at all – it is a blank check to abort for any and all reasons. Obama knows that. It is one of his little lies.

Obama will be awful on many levels.

28 10 2008

Hey Chad, I’m with you on McCain! Do vote for him! I like what you said: “vote for morals, values and ethics” something that is pretty shady on Obama.

I won’t vote for Obama for reasons that’s shown on the voter’s guide you shared. The reasons I list below somewhat summarize part of the voter’s guide. I borrowed this from a comment made on my blog (number 10 is my addition).

1. I disagree with Obama’s position on International Affairs. I can see Biden has repeatedly proven himself incompetent with respect to international affairs.
2. I disagree with Obama’s economic positions (Having the GOVERNMENT spread the wealth? I think not)
3. I disagree with his position on Abortion
4. I disagree with his position on the character of our country
5. I disagree with his position on stem cell research
6. I disagree with his position on universal health care
7. I disagree with his position on taxation
8. I disagree with his philosophy of Government and its role in the life of the citizen
9. I disagree with his choice of friend, mentors, and associates, and his refusal to be up front about those relationships.
10. I disagree with his stance on homosexuality (education, DOMA, gay marriages and more).

I agree with Neil, Obama WILL be awful for so many reasons!

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