Earthships, a new way to build a house

17 10 2008

Last week I stumbled across a very interesting building method.  They are called earthships (or tire houses) and they are awesome.  The outside walls are made from used automobile tires filled with dirt and serve as the load bearing walls.  Interior walls are made from empty cans, bottles and cement.  The south wall is nearly all windows getting lots of sun in the winter and very little in the summer, and the roof catches water to be used throughout the house.  Without heating or cooling systems, these houses remain at a nearly constant temperature (65-75 degrees) while the weather outside can vary from -20 to 100+ degrees.

They are surely the houses of hippies and some look odd, but the ones that are simple (without castle looking additions) are really grabbing my attention, and I wouldn’t mind living in one.  BTW, the name “earthship” was coined because they are built into the earth, and they have the resourcefulness of ships (not needing external help from utilities).




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