Why can’t we vote online?

14 10 2008

In this day and age, wouldn’t you think that we would be able to register to vote, and then eventually vote online?  Emily says that this is a security risk, but I don’t quite understand the risk.  If, in order to vote online, you need to type in your SSN, birthdate and other information, where is the risk?  If people had that information of yours, wouldn’t you already be at risk of identity theft, fraud, etc?  And if the risk is that hackers could somehow hack the system and steal people’s SSN’s, don’t we have super math genius people (like Dr. Zack) to encrypt this sort of thing?  Surely there is a way to make the process secure.

Wouldn’t online voting bring in more votes thus creating a more accurate representation of the population?  Also, wouldn’t it be much easier to tally and calculate votes (nearly instantly)?  Maybe it is a good thing though that people actually have to make an effort to vote, because if tons of people who didn’t care about politics could easily log-in and vote online, potentially they wouldn’t have a clue of who or what to vote for.

To me it just seems like we would have been able to update the voting system by 2008.  Opinions?




One response

16 10 2008

It’s probably not too far off…

I’d say the only problem with online voting is old people. Remember how much trouble they had using those touch screens in Florida? And there are always people who have trouble with voting the way it is now…so it seems like putting it online would make it even more confusing for those people…
But I imagine within 20 years or so it will be online.

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