Don’t erase God’s influence!

7 10 2008

This Sunday David Barton came to the Rock Church and was our guest speaker.  He spoke about how the founding fathers of this great nation were nearly ALL devout Christians.  27 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence had seminary degrees!  Take a look at these quotes by dozens of our founding fathers…

There are many people out there that believe and argue that these men were athiests and diests, but looking at quotes (all documented in the endnotes) from these individuals, it is extremely clear that they were Christians.

Currently there is a building being constructed in Washington D.C. called the US Capitol Visitor Center, and Speaker Pelosi is calling this a “shrine to political correctness”.  Guess what they are leaving out!  God, and nearly every every instance of His name or refrence to His influence on this country.  Get a load of this video (it’s only about 8 minutes long… watch it, it will enlighten you):

How can it be correct if you “…” out all the parts about God?  It is hard to believe that emailing Speaker Pelosi would make any difference but I did anyway and am trying to get you to as well.  If you are too busy to write your own email, I have included the email I sent to her below for you to copy and paste if you like.

Send emails to:

Subject: God and Christianity were (in fact) very large parts of the political history of the USA

Speaker Pelosi,

I request that the US Capitol Visitor Center not open until it shows historical accuracy.  Omitting the word “God” and pretending that our founding fathers never mentioned His name nor believed in His morals and values is not accurate.  It is reverse discrimination!  The words “In God We Trust” should (accurately) be portrayed above the speaker’s rostrum.  Also, why in showing Article III of the Northwest Ordinance would you leave out “Religion, morality, and knowledge, being necessary to good government, and the happiness of mankind,”?  Please do not “…” that part out.  There are many more examples where either the word “God” or references to His influence on the USA are quite obviously omitted.  Removing the presence of God from our country’s past is not only discriminating against Christians, it is not an accurate portrayal of our great country!  Please be complete in your attempt to show “political correctness”.  Thank your for allowing me the opportunity to contact you, and thank you for all your hard work you do for this country.




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