Driving is dangerous

1 10 2008

For some reason, today on my drive to work, I became aware of just how many skid-marks there are on the freeway.  In all three lanes, there was tread left on the asphalt from many accidents, injuries and close calls.  A big sweeping S-curve in the right lane, a straight mark showing two tires (must have been a semi) in the right lane, and every so often… the skid-mark that sweeps across all three lanes over to one shoulder eventually leading the observer to a large mark on the concrete wall or a dent in the barricade.

Next time you are driving on the freeway, speeding and being reckless… take a look at all the tire left on the road from accidents in the past.  Don’t look too long, don’t get too distracted, but do look, because just maybe you will drive a little more safely, avoiding an accident of your own.



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