Sunday 9/28/08 Prayer

28 09 2008


Thank you for my partner, my love, my wife.  She is the perfect companion for me… a helper to submit to me.  Not a helper as in a slave or a servant, but as in a partner, an equal, a wife to complete my life.  Lord, may she submit to me because I strive to love her as myself, as Jesus loves the Church.  Help me Lord, to serve her as You serve the Body of Christ.  Thank your for building the foundation of marriage here on Earth, to mirror that of the one that exists between the Church (the bride) and Jesus (the groom).

Please help us Lord to protect marriage and its representation of salvation.  Lord, I believe that marriage was created by You, and that it is designed to be between one man and one woman.  That the image of my wife and me married and being faithful to each other according to the way you designed is truly a miracle, a tangible representation of salvation.  Help us Lord here in California and our country to protect the sanctity of marriage and to stand up for You against sin and unholiness.




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28 09 2008

May I add a little?

“And as we seek for You to make us into a holy people show us how we can best serve those who you came and spent your time in fellowship with. Help us to remember always that we are all sinners and all fall short, time and time again. May we invite into our homes those who are neglected and downtrodden around the nation and around the world. May we share in meals with prostitutes, tax collectors and sinner; those who are despised among us and let us see your image imprinted on them. Let us love wholeheartedly because we know that You are love and we know that it is You that changes the heart and not legislation. Let us walk with You as you transform us into a people who are worthy of your name and your calling so that we might rightly pray how you taught us to pray, that your will would be done on earth as it is in heaven. For we know that we serve a slaughtered lamb. A servant king who being in very nature G-d emptied Himself in order that we might see what love is. We know that it profits us little if we only love our friends, so we ask that you would give us Your heart as we seek to love those who we have outcast. Father forgive us, for we often know not what we do.”

29 09 2008

Yes Jay, you may add that.
But it sounds as though you think that I am not loving the gays and lesbians. Don’t assume that me not wanting to support their sin is the same thing as not loving them. I think that supporting their choice of lifestyle (yes I believe it is a choice) and their sin, would be equivalent to Jesus walking past the prostitutes, tax collectors and sinners and not revealing Himself to them, but allowing (even supporting) them to continue sinning. That is not what He did. He gave them comfort and then said “Go now and leave your life of sin”. [John 8:11]
We can continue talking about this in my next post.

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